I have been making use of Forms -> My Research -> Research Notes to record progress. I know I have previously posted on this, but I have now tweaked toe columns to allow filtering by Repository / Category etc. I thought I would provide an update.  I find myself searching the same Record Collections for variant spellings and this has been really useful.

For example, during my work on the recent Guide I uploaded, I have searched for all Baptism within All Record Sets from within FindMyPast. This brought back approximately 90 hits


I have then checked each collection for an exact match of the Surname STIRK and logged the results in the Research Notes:

This allows me to concentrate on the Record Sets with the highest hits.

Data Views -> View Manager info:

INTL_SD_DateCreated INTL_SD_DateCreated
Completed NOTE_ST_Ref3
Repository REPO_ST_Repository
Category NOTE_ST_Ref4
Location NOTE_ST_Ref2
Title of record SOUR_ST_Typeofrecord
Surname Searched NOTE_ST_Ref1
If Found NOTE_ST_Iffound
Record Count NOTE_ST_Ref5
URL NOTE_ST_Generalinfo
Notes TEXT_ST_Notes