The Marriages 1837+ table contains nearly 200 fields. To understand how Custodian 4 intended the user to populate the data, we can use the View Certificate facility, listed in the Shortcut Bar.

First create a new entry by clicking the Add Marriages 1837+ button. Then Click the View Certificate button under the Shortcut Bar.

Custodian 4 Displays a Window, formatted as a Marriage Certificate, and allows the user to enter the following 38 fields.

To gain a greater understanding the data should be added to the form from an original/copy of a marriage certificate

Fields 2, 36 and 38 are not present on this certificate as it has not been obtained from the Government Record Office as a certified copy. Field 36 is blank, are there is no fourth witness present.

You will notice that I have not numbered the Bride and Groom’s surname numbers, to follow immediately sequential to their forename’s.  This is due to the tab order of the form i.e. if your cursor is currently in the Bride’s Forename Column (17) and you press tab, your cursor will move to the Age field (19), not the Surname (24)

During the completion of the Custodian 4 – Marriage Certificate View form, you will find that certain fields, such as the Father of the Groom or Bride, have a button, which produces a pop up window to enter further information.

Of note is the Deceased field. If you enter Y in this field, in the Certificate View is should suffix the Father’s name with (deceased)

For the Bride and Groom and all Witnesses, a further button is available to enter similar information.

Interestingly, the Brief Note will appear on the signature part of the certificate and allows the user to enter the data exactly as it would appear on the certificate such as Issachar Stirk X his mark.

In the Data Views – we can manage this view to show all available columns, so we can check what information has been added to the table. We can now match the Data entered to establish which fields have been populated.

Note that I have also used the View Manager to alter the Caption names to better represent the data content, the field names (ColumnName) cannot be changed.

ColumnName Caption Data
3 DATE_ST_Event Year 1837
2 PLAC_SP_Registrationdistrict Registration District Otley
4 NOTE_ST_Solemnizedat Marriage Solemnized at The Parish Church
5 NOTE_ST_Parish In the (Parish or Town) Parish
6 PLAC_SP_Subdistrict of (Sub District) Otley
7 NOTE_ST_Fullcounty in the (County of:) County of York
1 NOTE_ST_Number Number 35
8 DATE_ST_Whenmarried Date of Marriage 18 Nov 1837
9 GIVN_SN_Groom Forename(s) (Groom) Issachar
16 SURN_SN_Groom Surname (Groom) STIRK
10 AGE_SN_Groom Age (Groom) 25
11 CAST_ST_Groomcondition Condition (Groom) Bachelor
12 OCCU_SN_Groom Occupation (Groom) Tinner
13 RESI_SN_Groom Residence (Groom) Otley
14 GIVN_SN_Groomfather Forename(s) (Groom’s father) Cornelious
14 SURN_SN_Groomfather Surname (Groom’s father) STIRK
15 OCCU_SN_Groomfather Occupation (Groom’s father) Grocer
DEC_SN_Groomfather Deceased (Groom’s father)
17 GIVN_SN_Bride Forename(s) (Bride) Maria
24 SURN_SN_Bride Surname (Bride) WEBSTER
18 AGE_SN_Bride Age (Bride) 19
19 CAST_ST_Bridecondition Condition (Bride) Spinster
20 OCCU_SN_Bride Occupation (Bride)
21 RESI_SN_Bride Residence (Bride) Otley
22 GIVN_SN_Bridefather Forename(s) (Bride’s father) Joseph
22 SURN_SN_Bridefather Surname (Bride’s father) WEBSTER
DEC_SN_Bridefather Deceased (Bride’s father)
23 OCCU_SN_Bridefather Occupation (Bride’s father) Cloth Maker
25 NOTE_ST_Marriedinthe Married in the Parish Church
26 RELI_ST_denomination Rights and Ceremonies of Same
27 NOTE_ST_Byorafter By or After After
28 NOTE_ST_Licencebands Licence or Banns Banns
29 NOTE_ST_Byorbeforeme By or before me By me
30 NOTE_ST_Vicar Vicar’s Name John Hart, Vicar
31 NOTE_SN_Groom Solemnized between us (Groom) Issachar Stirk
32 NOTE_SN_Bride Solemnized between us (Bride) Maria Webster
REFN_SN_Witness1 Personal reference (Witness1)
GIVN_SN_Witness1 Forename(s) (Witness1) Samuel
SURN_SN_Witness1 Surname (Witness1) SMITH
33 NOTE_SN_Witness1 in the Presence of (Witness 1) Samuel Smith
REFN_SN_Witness2 Personal reference (Witness2)
GIVN_SN_Witness2 Forename(s) (Witness2) Mary Alicia
SURN_SN_Witness2 Surname (Witness2) FORSTER
34 NOTE_SN_Witness2 in the Presence of (Witness 2) Mary Cecilia Forster
REFN_SN_Witness3 Personal reference (Witness3)
GIVN_SN_Witness3 Forename(s) (Witness3) James
SURN_SN_Witness3 Surname (Witness3) FORSTER
35 NOTE_SN_Witness3 in the Presence of (Witness 3) James Forster
REFN_SN_Witness4 Personal reference (Witness4)
GIVN_SN_Witness4 Forename(s) (Witness4)
SURN_SN_Witness4 Surname (Witness4)
36 NOTE_SN_Witness4 in the Presence of (Witness 4)
38 DATE_ST_Registrardate Date of Registration
37 NOTE_ST_Registrar Registrar

If we colour code the columns, we can see the entries in blue represent data that can be entered directly into the Certificate View window, whereas the other coloured items represent data that can be entered by pressing the Certificate View Individual’s button, which produces the popup window for data entry.

This Guide only covers the available fields that can be populated by the Certificate View. There are many other additional fields that you may wish to include. It has been produced to provide an insight into how Custodian 4 expects the data to be entered, and to which fields this data is associated with.