In the Baptism table there are Dates and Formatted Dates.

The Dates and in a format you would expect to see in a Register i.e. 21 Nov 1830, but if you click on the Column header they will sort as an alphabetical list.

The Formatted Dates are Year Month Date yyyymmdd so when you sort on them they will appear in the correct order.  However, there are three lots of Formatted Dates

  1. Formatted Date of Baptism – This is updated when the Date of Baptism is updated Only
  2. Formatted Date of Birth – This is updated when the Date of Birth is updated Only
  3. Formatted Date of Event – If the Date of Baptism is changed, this date will also be changed. If there is no Date of Baptism and a Date of Birth is changed, the Formatted date of Event will be updated with the Birth Year.  Therefor, for sorting on a Date this is the best column to sort on.